We specialize in Prompt Payments. Commercial Managed Care Plans. Medicaid. Medicare. Workers Compensation. Aged Accounts Reconciliation. Consulting.

Apogee is the highest point in the development of healthcare solutions.

Who We Are

Apogee Consulting Group was founded in 1996 by Russell Mancini and Frank Nitto with one client in the Texas Medical Center. Since then, Apogee worked with various hospitals and health systems throughout the United States. Prior to Apogee, the partners worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including similar consulting firms and hospitals gaining over 60 years of combined experience in the industry.

From Florida to California, Apogee establishes professional relationships with hospitals of all sizes to not only improve the bottom line and maximize revenue, but to also reduce future underpayments through Education & Training and Contract Feedback. Our primary objectives are to capture lost revenue from all managed care plans, and to collect both contractual and legislative penalties associated with untimely payments in order to improve organizations' efficiency. We work on zero insurance balance claims to capitalize reimbursement. In the course of our audit, consultants identify root causes and trends that lead to underpayments and penalties whether concerns originate from the health plan or the provider. We work directly with the health plans on behalf of our clients to resolve the issues at hand and provide valuable feedback to our clients with the purpose of improving contract language, correcting billing errors, and settling various issues that may adversely impact the health system.

We value the relationships we build with our clients and the results we produce. With Apogee Consulting Group, a dedicated project manager and consultant(s) are assigned to aid in answering questions specific to the client project. Using a combination of proprietary software and manual review, all inpatient and outpatient accounts assigned to Apogee are thoroughly analyzed for maximum reimbursement opportunities.